Protecting your family from human invaders is something you’ll need to do day and night. If you want your property fully protected, then you’ll need to have the ability to see in the dark – so that they’re not able to overtake you by surprise.

Animals don’t always stay in their homes at night – they come looking for food, and you may need to provide protection to your property and family using night vision tools that allow you to kill or scare away these predators.

You also may want to go hunting for food supplies at night. Having night vision goggles will allow you to shoot a deer or other animals that can provide meals for your family during times of need.

Some preppers prefer to invest in thermal vision rather than night vision, so you can choose between the two or invest in both. Thermal vision will show you a heat source, which may be human or animal, while the night vision will allow you to get a better look at what it is.

You can get goggles that allow you to have a hands-free look at your property, or get a night vision scope that attaches to your rifle so that you can better see your target in the night hours.

There’s one problem with preppers who want to secure night vision equipment before a disaster strikes – it’s very expensive in many cases. If you live on a prepper community, then you might be able to go in on it with another family so that you rotate the equipment and watch out for each other’s property.

Not only does night vision allow you to target things like invaders or animals that you’re hunting for food, but it’s also a means of escaping from predators – even in a civil unrest situation if it comes to war and you have to lay low.

Some preppers advise you to invest in at least a cheaper form of night vision to get you started. Even if it’s not a top of the line piece of equipment, having night vision can give you an edge over others who are without it.

Make sure you have extra batteries and a solar charger to keep the night vision goggles in working order. Don’t broadcast to everyone that you have it, because this is something that will become a wanted item in the event of a disaster.

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