Sometimes, you can’t always bring a knife or stun gun somewhere to protect yourself openly. However, there are clever alternatives available that will allow you to defend yourself without others knowing you even have it.

One clever alternative is self-defense earrings. These are available on Amazon for less than $10. If you’re walking back to your car in a parking garage, and you see someone shady tailing you, you can take these out and put them on like rings.

They have two spikes attached, which can act like brass knuckle spikes if you need to punch the attacker. They come in multiple colors and look normal, so nobody would ever guess that they were designed to be used as self-defense tools.

Another neat alternative is key-knife. SOG makes wonderful knives, and one of them is a knife designed to look like a key. This knife is the same size and shape as regular keys, so if you kept it on your keychain, nobody would be suspicious.

They come in black, brass, pink, and blue, and are available for about $8 on Amazon. You can use this as an everyday tool or a self-defense weapon. In fact, there are other keychain self-defense tools.

There’s one from a band called The Cat, which is a little keychain that looks like a cat. The eyes, whiskers, and ears are hollow, and the ears are sharp at the end. You can stick your fingers in the eye holes and punch with the ears, similar to the earrings.

These stealthy self-defense weapons aren’t just knives and sharp objects. You can get many different kinds of pepper spray that are designed to look completely inconspicuous.

For example, SABRE, the same company that supplies police everywhere with their pepper spray, makes a small can of pepper spray designed to look like lipstick. When you take the cap off, you find a little spray nozzle.

When pressed, as you would expect, it shoots out a stream of pepper spray. Similarly, Police Magnum makes a pepper spray disguised as a pen. This is a more universal disguise, and also contains UV dye in its formula.

There are all kinds of discreet designs out there, but you should make sure that the item isn’t known to fail. You should also make sure you check the legality of carrying hidden weapons like these in your area because sometimes, they can be illegal. The last thing you want is to be fined or arrested for defending yourself.

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